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Monday, November 28, 2011

Tulln Flea Market Discoveries



Bakelite telephone...

Hut kitchen

I like the graphic on this plate. Reminds me of my Pippy Langstrump (Longstocking) book illustration.


Winter! Have you been starting to look for gifts? I visited big flea market in Tulln . Pretty plenty of pretty discoveries. I had been looking for winter boots and black warm gloves for weeks (and dreaming since years:)) when i found them there, in leather! And clean, very good condition. My long time searching is over. Fiuuhh ....But a bit strange since i didn't take pics of those treasures. Maybe next time when i wear them. But instead, i had snapped some of another amazing treasures. Vintage items were amazing. That place was really entertaining my hunger of inspirations. I still have hidden items that I'll post another time too.
I just finished my German B1 exam. Es war eine Katasthrophe! I was extreme nervous. Do you know how bad it could be? Now I'm pretty anxious with the result. After that Prüfung i was like stunned and hangover. But anyway thank you for all best wishes:). If i pass, it would be my wonderful gift!


  1. Wow! These discoveries are so nice...

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  2. This shop has its own version in our place named Gift Shop where I usually buy gifts for holidays! Great finds!

    xo Cherry

  3. omg! i envy you so much! i wish i could visit a place like the Tulln Flea Market. I'm a fan of vintage stuff especially old phones and ballerinas...


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