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Friday, September 14, 2012

Color theme: Brown, Ombre & Burnt

Brown, ombre and burnt....

Vintage leather bike satchel on vintage bike (Austria);

I see your hearts... (Austria, me:));

Rust (Jogja , Indonesia..roof top in front of my office);

I see fall is coming...(Sankt Pölten, Austria);

Pecel Lele is fried & roasted catfist with chilly sauce (Bali, Indonesia);

Molen is rolled fried cake filled with a slice of banana or pineapple. I got it in a corner where you can buy green/blac bean porridge, instant noodles, rice with egg, vegetables, etc, tea, coffee, and another drinks. One Molen costs 200 IDR. (Jogja, Indonesia)

I hope you're inspired!

Chacha / Nataya

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mozaic : Vienna Chandeliers

 Hi, everyone. First, I want to say thank you so much for your support and responses to my last post, due to my  depressive-like condition. They have helped me to survive more than you might think. That I still could express in photos and share them to you is also a surviving tool otherwise I just did nothing! Having such blues was really sucks. I wish nobody would ever feel like I did :(.


So......now! Back to the earth!

I played with my old photos lately to make mosaics out of them. It would be my new category in this blog. It is such fun to do and I am often surprised with the results. I made mosaics for print offers but I canceled my purchase. This photos below are from my old photo of beautiful chandeliers street light above shopping centre streets in Vienna. It turned out to be like statement jewelries. Which one do you like most? I hope they can inspire you.

 The last photo is the original. You can find this in my old post together with another light photos of night in Vienna here.

Have a wonderful glowing week!

Chacha Nataya

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