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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hi everyone! Quick post for today from a furniture store where we can have breakfast and wi-fi. Have you had your fun festivities? Well, I have a little celebration gift for you, as a THANK YOU 100+ FOLLOWERS! Well, it's not big giveaway but it comes truly from the bottom of my heart (and out from my camera). 

Below are some of my beloved fine art pictures which you can download in hi-res/bigger size for free! You can download Chachamisu flickr  till 7 January then I will close it. If you are my follower then you can e-mail me to ask the photo again if you want. I hope you like them. 

Go to my Chachamisu's Flickr here.
Click trough the photo you select.
Click trough all size button, and pick size.
Save image to your computer.



Star Light

Stephansplatz Christmas Tree

Gnome with Funky Headphone :) What music you think he's listening to?

Vienna's tram

A winter look on a corner of Schönbrunn Palace Vienna

Christmas nuance in Mariazell

Cute little flowers :)

That's for now, since I have to escape from some happenings around...so crowded! I hope I can get my normal internet again after 25th or soon.  

I wish you super inspiring week and a wonderful Christmas!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Self Portrait: a Pair of Sunnies for All ( with Firmoo review)

 I was having fun playing with my new sunglasses....

Kungfu Panda

Frau Murmel von Chachamisu 
( I am not sure if it was the right hat for me )


Furry Head


Time traveller

Which one is the silliest of all ???
I finally got a pair of these vintage style sunnies thanks to Global Online Optical Store  Firmoo. They have cool program: 

Buy your first pair and you only need to pay shipping. If it sounds great for you then get yours  here:)
There are so various styles there, I had enjoyed my time looking around even after I have discovered the one!  Of course you can use precription. Since i didn't have precription, I only needed to measure distance between my 2 pupils.

I collect sunglasses and I've had the round one in my wish list since quite a while. First i was inspired by Count Vlad in Bram Stoker's Dracula movie instead of John Lennon or Harry Potter. Then I just found out that Count Dracula had different type of glasses :). So I made a little experiment to pair them with different hats. It was totally fun!

The best part was that it had made me smile again. I had broken my D-SLR old camera and then not long ago my handy was dead and just when I needed most, I dropped my pocket camera...game overrr! I was about to take picture of this Firmoo sunnies outside when unfortunate event happened and it was anyway bad weather for couple of days. So I finally could organize borrowing camera in a little corner with vintage chair in a pretty ruin place, but I don't want to ruin this cam nor my good time with new sunnies!

However the sunnies come together with hard case, soft shell pocket case, cleaner cloth, some screw spares and even a mini screw driver which also a key chain so they put my anxiety of my own carelessness a little at ease.

These sunnies do work under the sun, they had made views around more lovely with their brown UV400 lenses. So perhaps one day I show you wearing them outdoor cause pretty sure I'll be wearing them again and again. They work well dealing with indoor light too anyway :)

First I received the sunnies, they seated to high and jump down to one side. Well, I guessed this was only my personal face matter cause i have a low nose and unsymmetrical ears and eyes, but my husband found out that there were also different lengths or curve shapes of two nose seat parts. Got sei dank, my husband can fix them! He bent a little bit the metal carefully. The nose bridge still too far to my nose but I feel comfortable wearing this sunnies :).

Oh, have you thought about Christmas? It would be an idea .... Unfortunately I don't have Santa Klaus' hat to pair the glasses with. How about glasses for Christmas gift ?. The package took about 11 days to arrive in Austria after I ordered.

Thanks for reading. If you find it is useful I share review about nostalgic, whimsical things I have purchased, discover or used, I'd like to do it again in the future along with my photographs (if I have had new camera!). Let me know your opinion. 

Here the link again for the glasses:

Firmoo in this model

 or directly to their promo page:

Necklace: French Connection I won from this stylish blog: Glam Devils
Turtleneck T-shirt Petit Bateau
Leather skirt: thrifted 
Suede bag: thrifted
Parka jacket: Casa Blanca Charles Vögele
Fur hats: H & M

Wish you find some inspirations this week! See you :)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Snowy Autumn

Hallooo everyone! How are you?
I have been back from Germany and an inspiring road trip around to some other towns.
It was kind of weird this year cause the snow fell down pretty much earlier in the middle of October. Last year it came late December as far as I remember. However it had been snowing only for about three days.The autumn leaves colors are still super beautiful. That's why autumn is my favorite season. Some of the leaves are still green or they are evergreen and mixed with white snow. I love the fresh smell, especially where there's no crowded traffic. Hmmmh....

Thank you for reading my blog, your comments, and even waiting for my new posts.
Let us send energy, pray, love and hugs to who and wherever suffer from nature and human made disaster.  
I wish you a super inspiring week too as well :)

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Color theme: Brown, Ombre & Burnt

Brown, ombre and burnt....

Vintage leather bike satchel on vintage bike (Austria);

I see your hearts... (Austria, me:));

Rust (Jogja , Indonesia..roof top in front of my office);

I see fall is coming...(Sankt Pölten, Austria);

Pecel Lele is fried & roasted catfist with chilly sauce (Bali, Indonesia);

Molen is rolled fried cake filled with a slice of banana or pineapple. I got it in a corner where you can buy green/blac bean porridge, instant noodles, rice with egg, vegetables, etc, tea, coffee, and another drinks. One Molen costs 200 IDR. (Jogja, Indonesia)

I hope you're inspired!

Chacha / Nataya

PS: if you are following me with twitter, I just want to let you know that my tweeds are random, and my hobby is entering giveaway. So if you only want to follow my photo update and related, you could follow my RSS, GFC, facebook, bloglovin or pinterest instead. Thanks for reading:)

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mozaic : Vienna Chandeliers

 Hi, everyone. First, I want to say thank you so much for your support and responses to my last post, due to my  depressive-like condition. They have helped me to survive more than you might think. That I still could express in photos and share them to you is also a surviving tool otherwise I just did nothing! Having such blues was really sucks. I wish nobody would ever feel like I did :(.


So......now! Back to the earth!

I played with my old photos lately to make mosaics out of them. It would be my new category in this blog. It is such fun to do and I am often surprised with the results. I made mosaics for print offers but I canceled my purchase. This photos below are from my old photo of beautiful chandeliers street light above shopping centre streets in Vienna. It turned out to be like statement jewelries. Which one do you like most? I hope they can inspire you.

 The last photo is the original. You can find this in my old post together with another light photos of night in Vienna here.

Have a wonderful glowing week!

Chacha Nataya

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Self Portrait : Mental Breakdown

Sounds not inspiring?
I don't mean to be self pity nor expose negativity in my blog.
I apologize if you find my post is gross.
If you feel like me below which start overtaking your life you may want to get professional help. 
I don't try to be funny or offensive to anyone.
This post is not safe for children.

I am blues.
I am cold.
I am passive and dysfunctional, could be said.
Or worse: emotional numbness. 
I don't have feeling to the lovely happenings in the world of joy.
Socially awkward.
Droopy eyes starring empty.
Overtaken by dark clouds but I can't help it.
Plus hormone can be mean too.

I tried to smile.
I captured when I pretend to smile and finally could honestly cry. But I failed to cry longer. Back to emotional numbness.

I didn't dress up, I didn't wash my hair. You can see my styringomas around my eyes.

As a little bit better I tried so hard to save my interests by accessing what easy to me:
  • browsing fashion images, 
  • watching some episodes of Vampire Diaries, Two and a Half Men and Desperate Housewives in one go (without emotionally involved), 
  • craving the cheapest chocolate bars I could get, 
  • eating a pack of peanuts then letting the junks on the floor, 
  • and entering some easy steps giveaways (quite an effort for me who claimed to be dysfunctional).

 Because of the stress and bad position in front of screen (probably) or could be poisoned by three too hot Indian chillies mixed with overdose of chocolate (perhaps), I threw up like forever that night.

Two last photos are my blues in 2005! I threw my books and magazine out from storage. But then I spent my time reorganizing them and felt a bit better.

I have been dealing with psychological issues since many years ago. Unfortunately there were no such thing and enough knowledge about. There were probably only either I am weak, weird or a bad person, and heard that everybody has problem. It didn't help at all! A professional was not pretty affordable either. I had series of unfortunate events, a collective of confusing manipulating situations, failed to solve problems, rebellious desicions followed by extreme changes in life. Let say, it's life?

One day I watch an episode of Oprah Show about depression and co. and it was the day this word exist in my mind for the first time!

I just wish to that whoever feel the same: walk on, no drugs, alcohol, no self harming.


Take care and be strong!
I wish you happy week and thanks for reading.


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