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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Paisley, Green, Pastel and Cafe

Hi everyone. It's day of ordinary day including spending morning in a cafe for breakfast and getting internet connection at the same time.
 I had Chococino with a lot of bubbles and heart on it.

 My fave vintage leather mittens. They are one of my most useful purchase for surviving my little poor hands in a cold winter.

 Totally awkward sleepy head. No body in the room yet beside us.

 The full outfit consists of the same coat almost every day, mix and match of same few pieces every day.
This time I combined pastel purple cord pants and green wool sweater. Some other pieces as below on item list.

 The same ugly creeper boots i've been wearing also almost every day, no worry about salty road but were too hot inside heated room.

 I tried to figure out which one better for my figure, weather tucked my tops in or let them out. I had kind of short torso but I've never been sure. More without sweater below.

 What do you think? Tucked in or not?

 In the car I tried to put on a mustache on my face from street light reflection. Life can't be so boring with some little silly things. :)

I wear: 
Pink paisley top: Etro
Cord pastel purple pants: Benetton
Green wool sweater: Benetton
Coat: C&A

Have a super inspiring day everyone!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outfit : Suede Knit Bomber Jacket

Morning (here) everyone! I felt like just wanted to jump and go out. I put on suede + knit + sherpa-lining bomber jacket i thrifted in Pfennig Basaar, Stuttgartblack and white scarf, and beanies I bought in souvenir shop in Dieng

Dieng was a beautiful vulcan plato in Central Java, Indonesia, my homeland. We bought some similar beanies to this one I wore in different colors for our winter land buddies :).

I am afraid that salty winter road will ruin my leather boots. I don't know the brand of these boots, they just have cute helicopter logos on the sides.

Then I looked out again. My mood changed.

I thought I would go sometimes later.

Jacket: thrifted in Pfennig Basaar, Stuttgart.
Beanies: Souvenir kiosk in Dieng, Java, Indonesia
Jeans: Union Bay

Have a super inspiring day!
Warm hugs,

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Chachamisu is in Instagram now ! @chachamisu

Hi, lovely people, Chachamisu is in Instagram now! So far I have only 12 photos but I enjoy it and pretty much sure to keep using it. I hope you like it, it is @chachamisu. Click here to view it on web browser with Pingram.me. Feel free to suggest me the coolest and inspirng instagram feed you fave. :-)

 My last photos included tons of snow, as how the weather lately.

 My new Chachamisu graphic.

 Finally I have camera again found in fleamarket.

My new year lucky cute folks.

Have an inspiring week!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Color Theme: Creamy Beige

Once upon a time...

We went to Tulln and I saw this creamy bike when I sat on a wooden bench.

 In Schönbrunn palace Vienna, I found a creamy guard post left empty.

Then still in Vienna, I met ...I don't know, looked like Zeus? Amazing sculpture that I saw them emotionally alive.

Once I couldn't sleep and nervous so I took a walk trough an alley in the night and spotted creamy grass.

Back in Tulln I love this corner where a creamy building looked like a little piece of a castle.

Many kilometers away we had a road trip and passed trough below a creamy bridge.

That's our color exploration today post, now I want to eat a crunchy creamy Austrian wafer Männer and aspire creamy vintage dress of Audrey Hepburn. Crunch...crunch...wish you have a super inspiring day!

Warm hugs,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Self Portrait: The Red Huggy Hood

Wearing red maxi bathrobe in a chilly room, hugged well, very cozy with thick towel fabric. However I decided not to show you my  crocs. This was really lazy week. Sorry if you see me gross. :-)

I learn and makes some new effects for my photos lately. I don't want to box my self caring in how realistic the result should be. Just let it free and have fun. Thanks for your visit!

Have an inspiring day,

Monday, January 7, 2013

Brand New Year! New Blog Concept, New Toy + A Cafe in Vienna

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I wish the best for all of you. Carrying new spirit and feeling freshly inspired, after running 2 blogs for a while, (even not long yet), I've finally come to the "that's it" moment when I decide to mix my blogs up! I merge my style blog Naty Ponders to its elder sister photo blog Chachamisu. I'll post about fashion and personal style related in Chachamisu along with my photographs.

I am so sorry for any annoyance or irritating you in a way and thank you so much for being readers of this blog. I am ready and hopefully I can be more creative and productive in my "new" one stop blog. I would be so thankful if you continue to follow me here and my wish of course, that you have a super inspiring time! Welcome at CHACHAMISU!

First photo of new cam bought in Naschmarkt. Me with Hot Chocolate in Cafe Savoy Vienna.
Photo by Murmel,


I had a series of unfortunate events before it turned to be the lucky one. I have no D-SLR, I have no pocket camera nor handy with cam anymore cause all are insanely broken. I have some vintage cams but hardly to used them. I was thinking about Canon SX 160 IS cause Canon pocket is the only pocket digital cam which has less smearing result, affordable price, AA batteries, and manual mode (according to my personal reserach).

That day we tried  in Naschmarkt Saturday fleamarket again (after we found old pocket Nikon for 2 Euro previous time we were there, the LCD was broken but still could take good pics) . Guess what,with luck we found Canon PowerShot A 530 IS and A 720 IS! Got them for about 20 Euro. Instead of D-SLR or analog we are now down grade to old pocket cams! Hahaha. Cheapy but fun!

It was so cold we took a break at Cafe Savoy across the road. Took long waiting for the nice spot to seat, it was full! The interior was vintage and wonderful.

Above and below are our first pic with Canon PowerShot A 530 IS ( We found the other cam after break ). Oh, of course, had fun with Photoshop.

I love the cameo Mozart silhouette cup on pink marble table.
All kind of coats.


PS: Do you like the new blog design? It's not fix yet, feel free to suggest.

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