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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Famous Combo Tee & Jeans (Thrifted Levi's Boy Jeans)

Casual jeans plus tee plus colors and smiley :).
Hi everyone! How are you? Did you have a nice Monday? How is your outfit today?

On this post I have same outfit as last time: The Famous Combo for a Lot of Us: Tee and Jeans. Only at this time I give a little closer look to my Levi's jeans. A little review of what I thrifted in Pfennig Bazaar Stuttgart, Germany (would be in October this year, you may want to google it if you happen to be in Suttgart and would like to go there). Kid size 14! As I am petit...I always dive in girl and even boy department when shopping :). This Levi's has a boyfriend look and kind of skater pants. Probably I look like a kid as well but it's very comfy that I can live in it for a very long time if not because of summer sweat and fleamarket dust and dirt that I finally have to change. Inside is something different on the waist line with  Levi's urban graphic design and it has adjustable waist band so I can make it tighter. The hem lines and some spots have been ripped and distressed that make even better look but I just let it naturally.

With this kind of wide leg oversized jeans (even it's kid size) I have to tuck my top in or probably wear a crop top because if don't do that somehow it doesn't look good. Besides, I still have to find out how to style it in a more mature look. I wish this jeans would be a little bit more like Jane Birkin style too. Hehehe. Any tips?

The graphic tee is from Zara Trf collection :). I admit it was a gift from my sis and I have worn that on my old fashion blog Naty Ponders. It's also very comfortable, the viscose fabric is cool, it falls nicely and I like the graphic that for me it looks like a melting sun!

Levi#s from left side, with hook.
Levi's from right side, with double side pockets
Jeans plus tee plus smiley
On my Levi's skater jeans: Urban graphic details along inner waist with adjustable waist band
Casual jeans plus tee
Casual jeans plus tee

Glass colorful bracelets. Remind me of my old school

My husband gave me these glass bracelets from his travel somewhere and some years back. They reminds me of bracelet that was pretty trend in 80s to 90s during my old school days. :)

My feet are still happy with LdiR moccs
Not to forget, still I wore my LdiR moccs.

Add cardigan for sun protection and light cold breeze
Selfie...with my fave Claire's sunglasses
Closer look
Crushed caramel cinnamon biscuit on coconut ice cream and raspberry sorbet.
In the cafe as usual. This time I crush caramel cinnamon biscuit -- which we got everytime we order hot drink (my husband ordered coffee) over my ice creams.

Orange socks on myLdiR moccasins
Zara TRF collection tee,
thrifted Levi's jeans,
 LdiR Moka Avorio moccasins slippers,
Levi's scarf
Glass bracelets
Cube bag,
C&A cardigan.
C&A ankle socks.

So are you also Tee and Jeans kind of outfit, maybe once in a while?

Have a super inspiring week everyone!

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