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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Singapore Science Centre - 2

Here more colorful sides in Singapore Science Centre - part 2

Welcome to my space ship

lost in patterns and colors

Prints along...


Funky kitchen with hand prints all over, contamination alert!

Another funky kitchen set

Candy garden...

Toilet lady

Look into my eye...

Kawaii robot, reminds me of Vicky TV series

Mechanical...I like

Virus area!

 Lost agaaain..mirrors???

Next time I will have show you some creepy things there, scared me!

Wish you all nice day and always find a way back home sweet home:)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Singapore Science Centre

We visited Singapore Science Centre. We had seen a lot of things. I had my brain full loaded with science and knowledge after! Here are some photos...I still have more of them in different colors theme...

Playing shadows...

Your reflection is not always how you look like...

Space ...

It seemed to be running...I can't believe my eye

Could you see the people?

would like one for kitchen wall, an optical illusion breakfast to wake my sleepy head up

and one more idea for empty wall

would love this in the garden

and on my flat ballerinas

and more for wall

I peeked inside a tube and I saw them running


Have a joyful summer everyone! 

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