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Friday, January 27, 2012

Up there on Schutzhaus Buchberg

Buchberg. Austria. We were climbed the spiral stairs up. At that time, we could see from the tower , landscape of around  the area i live in when it was still covered with snow. It was pretty much like abstract art with the wickery shape of trees and colors that remind me of Egon Schiele's painting, one of artist whose works i adore. Note about the artist: he had been arrested in the town i live and we had his painting there.

I wore my husband's sailing jacket instead of hiking anorak. Yes it was huge but it worked pretty well, since it was so windy. It was windproof, the high colar protected my neck and a lot of warm air trapped inside.
As you can see these place full of beautiful woodcraft.
I would like to jump in the caravan after, but it was not ours. caravan and old wooden tower did look good together.

PS: I just added a new page of a little about me and my photos. I invite you to take a look here.  You can also find it on the link under "About" in sidebar. Thanks before. :)

Wish you all a very happy weekend

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Casa Cantoniera was Red, Shabby and Snowy

We passed the pine woods scene, sporty people that were cross-country skiing, and my eyes was attracted to the blood red, shabby and snowy little house. I had couldn't read what was written on the board except of "Casa Cantoniera". Oh how i love when it was in snowy winter like that. It had the perfect color scheme! The red reminds me of Swedish red wooden house, which i adore. It was so rich with pretty details and textures that i was instantly inspired. Oh did you see a tiny bell on the door?
I supposed to think that this house was abandoned, which I think some faded and broken pieces add soulful touch to its appearance. But as I noticed a pile of firewood which looked newly stocked up, maybe there was some human life going on inside.

What is your favorite color for being bold and beautiful on a snowy day?

PS: Thank you all readers and new readers. Let's keep inspiring each other. 
Wish you all a super lovely weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crossing Border Tyrol - South Tyrol and a Break News

 We crossed Austrian Tyrol - Italian South Tyrol by car


White land
PS: Don't you know there was freaky snowing in African desert? I saw the news on TV.

Coffee and hot chocolate..nyumm. It was still Austrian Heisse Shokolade, not yet as thick and melty super delicious Italian Cioccolata which more like a pudding.

Cute crafty Toilet signs in Deutsch, Italian and English.

I think it was Alps, not Dolomites. I am a little bit confuse. Buth both are incredible sculpture on earth.

Snow icing? Cake...

Cross-country skiing ....i would like to try this one more than skiing.

And would you mind to  forgive me for showing my purple hair that day. Smile! :)


And unfortunately, i have another things that i would like you lovely people to forgive me for. I feel like lately my blog has lost focus and i keep changing my lay-out. If you have recognized, maybe some of you were bothered of it and  that i might not look professional. But here i learn to blog along as I am blogging. So hope i can be more focus, back to it's original content as a photoblog. That's why i am thinking about making special blog for my another muse like focusing on personal style, outsource inspirations, and another social networks account special for giveaway i enter, lol. That's the reason too behind re-layout of my blog for its best. The problem is, it may take long as at the end of  next month i will travel to my homeland (! :)) for 3 months. I have no idea if i will have internet connection or even time to blog, plus that i will not only stay in my hometown. So now it will be an early excuse as well, that starting end of February i may take a blog break. But I am optimist enough to comeback with interesting souvenirs from Indonesia! Country of thousand islands and ethnicities. Does it sounds worth to wait for?

Happy week everyone!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Horses... and a Blogger Award

It was a cold day in one of our trip. Foggy made dreamy. Horses a little bit short. Are they ponies? I like the dark brown with golden blond hair. Or the one with platinum color on its back.  They brought me to imagination of a fable fairy tale, as they interacted each other like they have these human emotion. Such a happy neighbourhood. Even they are not wild free. Do you like horse riding?


Hurray! Sweet and talented Cherry from A Day with Me blog just give me this blog award. Thank you Cherry! I'm so honored. Her blog is such nice to read like visiting your best friend.

1. NAME YOUR FAVORITE SONG : Walk On by U2 (it's only one of favorites:), it has been helping me trough my hardest time in life)

2. NAME YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT : Tiramisu, like this blog name was inspired from.
3. WHAT TICKS ME OFF : cranky
4. WHEN I'M UPSET : crying

5. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PET: I like animals ( minus rat, creepy bugs and mosquito ) but taking care of them just doesn't work. Definetely not my talent.I have no talent at all


7. BIGGEST FEAR:  ill or death of somebody i love
8. EVERYDAY ATTITUDE:  Potato couch :). Moody.. (it's not fun, I know)

9. WHAT IS PERFECTION ? None, it's close when something in the right place and the right time.

10. GUILTY PLEASURE: shopping and keeping junks that i consider to be pretty or i believe that it will be useful someday. I build a castle of junks here.


( u could read my about page here)

Okay, after writing this post so hard,  i wonder, am I such a potato couch weirdo? :)


Bunny of  Bunny Hope
Anita of Anita Putri

They such talented bloggers.  I hope you have time to stop by at their blogs too and enjoy as much as i do.

I have told Cherry how sorry I am that i couldn't complete all the rules, like... to pass this in ten blogs and tell them in comment or e-mail. I even first thought that i couldn't finish this long writing. But I really appreciate this award. I want you to know that I do love hundreds of blogs that i follow and they are such inspirations and visit them as often as i can!

1. Link back to the person who gave you this award
2. Complete the form below (I think it means questions above)
3. Award 10 other blogs and let them know in a comment or email ( I'm sorry, put only two doesn't mean i forget other blogs).
4. Share 7 random thoughts about yourself

Keep inspiring and be inspired!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lienz and Around Memories

I guess this  photo of me is by Mike instead by my self.

January 2010 we were in Lienz, visiting our friends in other town around, Hohe Tauern National Park, and continued to Udine, Cividale, Trieste, Venice, in Italy and Slovenia. So this town was one drop shop of our trip. I love the arty windows, old buildings with curvy top and cute souvenirs.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Curly and Beanie...again

Another day with curly and beanie. The curly bush had been softened down a bit. Did knit cap and knit pattern pullover had same kind of curls as my hair?

What pattern and hair style you muse this week, or...for this new year 2012?
Hope you all have awesome inspirations, xo.
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