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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crossing Border Tyrol - South Tyrol and a Break News

 We crossed Austrian Tyrol - Italian South Tyrol by car


White land
PS: Don't you know there was freaky snowing in African desert? I saw the news on TV.

Coffee and hot chocolate..nyumm. It was still Austrian Heisse Shokolade, not yet as thick and melty super delicious Italian Cioccolata which more like a pudding.

Cute crafty Toilet signs in Deutsch, Italian and English.

I think it was Alps, not Dolomites. I am a little bit confuse. Buth both are incredible sculpture on earth.

Snow icing? Cake...

Cross-country skiing ....i would like to try this one more than skiing.

And would you mind to  forgive me for showing my purple hair that day. Smile! :)


And unfortunately, i have another things that i would like you lovely people to forgive me for. I feel like lately my blog has lost focus and i keep changing my lay-out. If you have recognized, maybe some of you were bothered of it and  that i might not look professional. But here i learn to blog along as I am blogging. So hope i can be more focus, back to it's original content as a photoblog. That's why i am thinking about making special blog for my another muse like focusing on personal style, outsource inspirations, and another social networks account special for giveaway i enter, lol. That's the reason too behind re-layout of my blog for its best. The problem is, it may take long as at the end of  next month i will travel to my homeland (! :)) for 3 months. I have no idea if i will have internet connection or even time to blog, plus that i will not only stay in my hometown. So now it will be an early excuse as well, that starting end of February i may take a blog break. But I am optimist enough to comeback with interesting souvenirs from Indonesia! Country of thousand islands and ethnicities. Does it sounds worth to wait for?

Happy week everyone!


  1. I love your photos so I hope the blog break isn't for too long!!

  2. Thankyou Laura, I hope too. i will try to blog everytime i can during my travel since I love it. Keep inspire each other, you such crafty sweet mom. I just visited you

  3. I wish it would snow here in Portugal, it never does :(

    P.S.: I invite you over to my blog, it is quite new (just over a month) but I think you'll like it! I thank you already. http://miss-tangerine.blogspot.com. Love, Mariana

  4. you are so adorable :)

  5. wooow
    Very interesting pics :D


  6. Those mountain images are gorgeous!


  7. I like these pictures. Kiss from France.

  8. Your pics are lovely ! I went to South Tyrol for one week around new year's eve ! I had such a great time. I am italian but live on the sea and it was a few hours by car from there !
    I like your blog and pics and would love it if we connected thru gfc, bloglovin and facebook pages ! If you do just let me know and I will return the favor.
    Also, you're invited to enter my giveaway to win a Zeleb party dress !
    Fashion and Cookies
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  9. @everyone: thankyou so much. I just visited all of you, and I am inspired. Snow may come to Portugal too. Keep inspiring each other, ok!

  10. @Yiqin: serious? If you say so I may consider to wear purple wig for the rest of winter instead of beanie then i blame you for it:) (joking)

  11. love it!


  12. Anonymous20/1/12 09:47

    Chacha, I love all your photos. I really do. I tried to send an ecard to my e-mail, but it says my email is invalid. :(

  13. Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch, I love finding new blogs! xoxo


  14. Ah! I want to travel very badly now. These are just amazing.

  15. @vale: thankyou, am glad you had nice time. It was beautiful. Have you visited Austria too? Well i visited your blog and entered your giveaway:)
    @glamourous girl: tons of thanks! i visited your blog too.
    @Cherry: Thankyou so much Cherry. I am trying to figure out and it worked well to e-mails that i sent to. If you don't mind, you can send me your e-mail or another emails to chachamisucontact@gmail.com and i will try to send you e-card as a test. Have you tried with another address? Thanks again:)
    @Joellen, Thankyouso much, love your blog too, i visited there and i have surprise for you in a comment:)

  16. Pretty pictures.
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  17. This looks lovely and magical! Love your blog. Please check out my blog FEST about food, style and travel. I think you will enjoy it!

    Glad I found you!


    PS.. I'm your newest follower. :)

  18. Thanks for your comments Nataya!! You are too sweet.

  19. Natalya,

    Enjoy your trip and take the time to relax and think about new blog ideas. We will be here airing for you ;)


  20. @Marisa: you always lovely, thankyou
    @Teodora: Thankyou, i think i will have been loaded with adventure, crowded road, air polution, meeting people and families. But i got what you ment, that's very motivating. I love blogs and the community, yours too!

  21. @Frances and Chaterine: Thankyou, I have visited your blogs, enjoyed my time there and been inspired:)


Your comments color me, thankyou!

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