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Friday, June 22, 2012

Color theme: Pastel Green and Mint

I have new category/labels on my blog that is called Color Theme. In this category you will see photographs I group by same color. I have made previously some posts which were relevant to this. However now is the first time I launch it officially.

I have seen recently the color pastel green or mint everywhere in this colorful world. Such a big trend. Here are some my photographs with pastel green or mint I have collected from random places especially for you, for your inspiration and perhaps refreshing your tired starring at screen eyes at the same time.

Personally i like this color, it has a shooting effect in this hot summer. How about you?

 Sankt Pölten, Austria. City bike, such a pretty way to cycle the pedal.

 Somewhere around our town. Ford old timer. It has been claimed as former my mother and law's car years ago and the color has never been changed till present.

Sankt Pölten. Those two guys didn't know each other. Both wore green stripes cloth. Cute coincidence happened. Lucky I was there in the right time to catch.


Gasoline retail in Jogja, Indonesia. Notice the one color shade the door and windows at the back.

Geometric wall paint in Sankt Pölten. This is my old photo I blogged at my old blog Picontagious but with different digital photo effect.

I love the bottom part but certainly not the hole at the top part. I imagined this wall color with all white decor items. Would be awesome. I forgot where it was taken, somehere in South East Asia.

We had a little picnic style dinner at our friend's backyard. There were tea, coffee, wine and kind of homemade fruit juice preserved.

I hope you like my new feature and I wish you inspiring and refreshing weekend :).

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Preserved Collection

Well, I haven't finished with Singapore Science Centre. There I was inspired by the preserved animals whether they are real or not.

They were amazing, especially the shark. Kind of reminding me of movie Back to The Future where there was Shark 3D hologram animation jumped out from a billboard. The collection of butterflies brought me back to one set of the alike piece I found in a thrift store. And all these things had flown my imagination to old time biologist and scientist books, movies like Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes , Shabby Chic and country houses, hunter memorabilia,..


And also Jurassic Park...:)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hotel Retro

Jogja, Indonesia. The hotel where we stayed in had public living room in front of our bedroom with the old retro furnitures. As I saw the nostalgic retro charm on them,  i gave mercy for the dirty and broken parts.

I have more self portraits in this place at my style blog here  The photos there have different vintage effect, more muted colors and dark, what do you think?

Wish you all a wonderful week!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Spooky and co. - Singapore Science Centre 3

Here some creepy but cute at the same time....don't they?
All taken in Singapore Science Centre, I hope you haven't bored of my post about this place.

Count Dracula's blood bath

Fresh drink supplies...zzrrp srrrp

Blood Plasma lamp....i personally thought it was inspiring for home decor.

Welcome to Adams Family' house?

I love this one...skeleton and beautiful black and white wall papers, i would like it's velvet cut, paint the skeleton with gold or crystal beads allover. What do you think?


Super ears! Elephant is nothing compared..?

Fire works, it was amazing, the fire moved twisting up like a slim twister...science and wonder!

This is the creepiest ever to me: virus! They look like happy pop art here, where in the reality they are extremely dangerous!

Virus Kiss!

Granny, who left teetth on the table?

Reminds me of The Dark World in the Snow White and The Hunts Man. I love the scene of the spooky woods.

My face at 30 and 30 years later...:), is that creepy enough? Mirror mirror?

I won't wish you a spooky night, i hope you all have a wonderful sunny perhaps funny week ! See you!

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