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Monday, June 4, 2012

Spooky and co. - Singapore Science Centre 3

Here some creepy but cute at the same time....don't they?
All taken in Singapore Science Centre, I hope you haven't bored of my post about this place.

Count Dracula's blood bath

Fresh drink supplies...zzrrp srrrp

Blood Plasma lamp....i personally thought it was inspiring for home decor.

Welcome to Adams Family' house?

I love this one...skeleton and beautiful black and white wall papers, i would like it's velvet cut, paint the skeleton with gold or crystal beads allover. What do you think?


Super ears! Elephant is nothing compared..?

Fire works, it was amazing, the fire moved twisting up like a slim twister...science and wonder!

This is the creepiest ever to me: virus! They look like happy pop art here, where in the reality they are extremely dangerous!

Virus Kiss!

Granny, who left teetth on the table?

Reminds me of The Dark World in the Snow White and The Hunts Man. I love the scene of the spooky woods.

My face at 30 and 30 years later...:), is that creepy enough? Mirror mirror?

I won't wish you a spooky night, i hope you all have a wonderful sunny perhaps funny week ! See you!


  1. Ya, they are:) thankyou

  2. cool photos!! xx



  3. Oh,pretty! I think I have to travel to singapor!

  4. Oh I want to travel there!

    You are still a pretty lady at 60, aren't you lucky ;)

    sending you happy spells


  5. @ Lauren, Yvonne and Amy, thankyou. I wish you all visit Singapore, it's interesting. Amy, hahaha, let's hope it's accurate:)


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