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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Selfies and Blogging Thought

Scroll this pic up and down and you would see it's like animation, like an optical illusion.

It has been a month since my last post. My photos of my last trip in Salzkammergut have not made their way to my photoshop. Instead, I show you these selfie experiment. :). Actually I did the photos just for testing my red lipstick. The first red lipstick I bought ever! Lol.

The original photos are crappy, taken with old Canon pocket camera. I'm glad the background are dark. However, I won't show you that, because i don't want you see our messy room (I don't mind my raw terrible skin and bad hair day). I like to apply matte color effect on the dark background I did similar to my other photos, See my past post here. I made it with playing around the exposure adjustment layer in Photoshop.

If you scroll the last photo up and down, you may see the faces become animation. Probably it will work that way better if I make the picture longer.

About the animated gif photo above, I made it with online gif maker gickr.com. Easy peasy. This is first time I make animated gif. :) There are a lot of online gif maker in the internet. This one is unfortunately only make maximum 450 px wide.

 About me lately.
  • I get terrible cough with nasty phlegm after seating in the cafe full of smoke. Three days in a row, three different cafes. Anyway, we tried different cafes and found the one with "buy two pay one" pizza during happy hour. :)
  • Won tickets to Natalie Dessay and Michel Legrand concert in Konzerthaus Vienna in Sunday night! Yaaayyy! I am not sure to go in this bad cough condition but we have decided to go. I try to figure out how to not cough during the show or it would be an awkward and annoying disaster!
  • My friend in high school uploaded old photo on facebook of us (friends of the same class), when we went to our English teacher to celebrate her birthday. Hahaha the glorious 90s. It made my day.

  • My husband and I are addicted to Manner wafers, Austrian snacks. Chocolate covered hazelnut waffers. It's hard to stop once we eat one! In SPAR supermarket it's now in discount price.
  • We attended Art and Antique exhibition in Hofburg, Vienna, Vienna Time (watches exhibition) and Design 2013 in MAK Vienna (free entry), Photo and Adventure in Messe Wien (Vienna), where we tried to win the GoPro camera, but we didn't win. Too bad! As information, there's Robot exhibition in Vienna till 8 December that I would like to see.
  • One more cafe we found in Haus der Musik, Vienna. It is a self service so basically it's just like public snack and coffee machine with seats around. It also has free wifi. The hot chocolate tasted even better than the usual one in another cafes.

About Blogging.

Yes. I didn't update for a month. I took blog break often. I reappeared and I said I'm back to blog, then soon after that I disappeared back to break. I don't know how to explain. I simply confuse. My enthusiasm is there, but I just don't make a move to make it happen. I did browsing though. I read and commented on some blogs, but I missed replying my own blog comments! They are not a lot, but incase one of them is you and you expect that I'd get back to you, I'm sorry. I am also more active in instagram (@chachamisu) because it's practical. Actually I've been pondering over this. It's in my thought now, what I would do with my blog. A flash from my brainstorming are:
  • About what I blog about. I've merged my fashion blog Naty Ponders into this one, in hope that I would be more productive. Turns out, when it should be more time and energy, it doesn't work like that. Solution, perhaps, I would back to multiple blogs, though one blog can content different things but I think now I know what suits to photoblog or other blog. Hmm...do I?
  • About the time and schedule. Solution, I think I would just let it how it is and not force my self. If I have something to post, than I post. If not, then I don't post. Could be twice a week, once a month, or still taking blog breaks often. I want to learn more about my own rhythm. Blogging is not the only thing I like to do, but I do enjoy it.

  • About writing. I think I loose my writing skill. Like...seriously. I didn't say my writing skill was good either, but I just feel that it's getting worse. In the past I could write a mini story along with my photo or poetry. Now...I have no idea. My language, grammar my verbal are a mess. English, German, Indonesian are all mixed in small amount of each! Maybe even Javanese too. Solution....I don't know yet, just keep learning. Should you notice typos, feel free to correct or give suggestion, I would be very thankful. :) I sometimes skip checking my grammar. I try to let my voice out naturally just like in casual everyday life chat.
Final words about this....I'll keep blogging even how confusing it could be. I'll keep learning and experimenting even my blog will as well reflect my confusement too! .Now I wonder if you're confuse reading this. I'll let you know if I have significant change about my blogging.

Happy Thanksgiving to you who celebrate and I wish all the wonderful and super inspring moments!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Traveling Wels - Salzkamergut Austria Lately...Some Parts with Some Tips

Hi, everyone! I had been on traveling, road trip forth, back and around in Wels and Salzkamergut. We had internet with a speed of Sloth. You know, that animal that moves very slow, look so cute and harmless. Anyway, I have been keeping update on my instagram @Chachamisu, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook (which are linked to each other). I had to pass a lot of photos from few days before. May be I'll share them in the future if it's okay not to be always actual. :))

Have you had travel, road trip lately or a little walk perhaps? I love it in Indian Summer Autumn season. The colors are incredible but the weather is not yet so cold. It's my fave time of the year.

So here are my instagram photos from the start of my road trip especially for you who prefer to see them here on my blogspot blog with some tips along!

Start of the trip. It was after 7.30 n the morning and still dark.
On the road the full moon was at our front and the sun rise at our back at the same time!
In Wels we stayed at our fave youth hotel Jugendherberge Alter Schl8hof which full of graffiti/murals around it. It maybe the cheapest accomodation, clean and nice. It has dormitories,  double bed rooms, public kitchen and perfect location near the expo centre.
In Wels we attend Caravan Salon and chasing dream of a trip with mobile home like this. Lol. It's even better than our appartment.
In Wels there is also lovely animal garden (mini zoo) with black swans, running free peacocks etc. The best part is: it's free entry! High recommended also for family with kids.
From Wels, along the road to Gosau the autumn views were totally breathtaking. I shouln't fall asleep! Awesome autumn colors of the leaves and foliage covering the mountains, creek....hmmm I love autumn nature.
In Gosau we stayed at Alpen Hut that maybe also the cheapest accomodation especially if you become member of Alpenverein. The whole beautiful traditional style house for only us two (it can accomodate more people).
In Bad Ischl we visit Kaiservilla, that was the summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth of Austria. It is beautiful but not allowed to take pictures inside.
Saving holiday/travel tips: look around where there are brochures in supermarket, cafe, or information centre of your destination (and around) for discount and promo. We found in supermarket brochures of buy two pay one entry tickets for a lot of nature park, museum, boat tour and another tourism sites.

I wore a plaid coat dress from Mango, velvet legging and beret beanies from H&M. Boots belonged to my mother in law (RIP). The Indian Summer sunshine was so hot so it was too warm outfit :).

One complex area in Kaiservilla is also photo museum. In this time of the year where the dry autumn leaves were hanging down its iron vintage patio it looked like a beautiful yet mysterious ghostly palace.
Expect more photos in the future! I hope you like my quick post this time. Have a super inspiring day and pleasant trip if you're on the way.

Chacha :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY Using Sunglasses Lenses as Photo Filter

Few days ago I did a little experiment with Firmoo sunglasses. I used the lenses as photo filter. It was easy peasy and not that I invented it, you may have already known. Easy and fun as I always bring sunglasses when I am out under the sun.

The lenses I used were brown tinted lenses. I used pocket camera Canon Power Shot A720 IS. Oldie but goodie (bought in fleamarket). I had no rules except put the lens in front of the camera lens and ta daaaaa. I enjoyed the unperfect effects, the blur of the frames, reflection of something or light streaks. I had some experiments with other lenses and so far brown tint is what I like most. Here are some of the results, with and without lenses.

Oh by the way, I remember Beautiful Mess blog had made photo filters with plastic sheet, draw or color something on the sheet with marker and it's also interesting. Maybe I could try or combine with my glasses sometimes later.

Coba coba eksperimen menggunakan lensa brown tint kacamata sebagai foto filter. Ga pakai aturan khusus tinggal pegang aja lensa kacamata depan lensa kamera. Mau miring, agak jauhan, bingkainya kelihatan, de-el-el. Biarkan hasilnya jadi kejutan. Saya sendiri suka hasil efek ga sempurna seperti pada kamera toy. Menurut saya efek yang dihasilkan dari lensa kacamata brown tint ini paling cocok buat pemandangan dan suasana musim gugur atau gaya tempo doeloe. Saya sudah coba juga menggunakan jenis lensa kacamata yang lain tapi sejauh ini saya paling suka dengan brown tint. Beginilah contoh hasilnya; foto tanpa filter dan dengan filter. Scroll down...:)

Using sunglasses brown tint lenses as photo filter.
Left = without, right = with filter.
No other edit except resize and collage.
Left = without sunglasses lens, right = with brown tint sunglasses lens
Left = without filter, right = with filter
Without filter.
I've known these pretty fuchsia colors flowers as a little girl in Indonesia. I and my girl friends pinched them until became like wet pulp and put them on our nails for few minutes to color our nails.
With filter. Bigger look from the collage.
The filter effect on man figure. He was wearing white clothes and blue vest.
I personally think brown tint sunglasses lens suit for autumn view.
I like the unperfect effect of the sunglasses frames or reflection of something..I don't know really what has made the horizontal streak.
The sunglasses frames or maybe the reflection of camera zoom frames made surprising effect like on toy analog camera.
By the way, I like the plaid blazer with elbow patches that woman was wearing.

Have you done experiment like this too? How is the results?

Wish you a super inspiring time!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Won Firmoo Sunglasses and They Won My Heart (with Review)

Early autumn look with Firmoo sunglasses

Smile...I won sunglasses
Closer look Firmoo sunglasses
Say cheese with Firmo sunglasses
Hi, I'm back, and it's October already!

Few weeks ago I won a pair of sunglasses from Firmoo. The giveaway was at Chocolate Sarcasm blog. These sunnies instantly won my heart as I've been wearing them almost everyday! Thanks Firmoo and Sianna!

Lately I had problem with my eyes. I can't read, work on my computer or watching something moving for long time. Oh, that's baaaaaad. I don't know what has happened. I also got sudden bad wrinkles (not the aging gracefully ones) and nasty syringomas (little benign papules like milias but from overgrowth of sweat duct). I got frustation! Though...I feel terrible complaining again and again about my series of unfortunate events in my blog, hehehe. Sorry sorry. Sei dank, my sight is better now.

Thus..anyway...won a pair of sunglasses is absolutely a good lucky thing!

I choose these #FS04 Brown Acetate with brown tint sunglasses from Firmoo Classic Series. Unfortunately the same model has been unavailable anymore. There are similar frames available and a lot more various styles you may want to check them out at Firmoo.

Wearing them for more than a week already, here is my review.

COMFORT. Yes! If not then they can be my fave right now. It's most important thing. I prefer acetate material right now cause it's more light and comfortable for me. I don't feel pressure on my temples. I have metal frame round sunglasses also from Firmoo that I like the look so much but as time goes by I rarely wear them cause the plastic or acetate ones are more comfy. See my old post here.

LOOK. Classic, look like Ray Ban Wayfarer, with clear brown slightly tortoise acetate frames, they are very easy to pair with various outfits. The lenses are not as big as I thought but I think they suit me ....haha what do you think?

FUNCTION. At first I wasn't sure they have UV filter cause on the site it was only mentioned tint and there were advance options with cost addition. I wrote to Firmoo and they answer my question and confirmed that the lenses have UV filter already. If you are still not sure you can bring them to your optician. Anyway, I have worn them under the sun and they're great in reducing glare.

One more function: the lenses can be a fun effect filter for photos! See photo below as teaser cause more about this would be in one of my future post! Note: I didn't edit this photo except resize and put a tiny watermark.

Using sunglasses lenses (brown tint) as photo filter
ADDITIONAL. I like that if you buy sunglasses at Firmoo they always come with hard case, soft shell pocket case, cleaner cloth, some screw spares and even a mini screw driver which also a key chain so they put my anxiety of my own carelessness a little at ease. (Gee...I copy paste few words from my past Firmoo review :)).

Firmoo sunglasses classic series package

SERVICE. I think Firmoo has a good service. Pretty fast delivery (sorry I am lazy doing the math for more details right now), updating process and order status on your account, replying my questions on facebook and e-mail. They also have online feature to try the glasses virtually, community, examples on users, and there are a lot of reviews about on the internet.

More to say...again, I wrote this review not because they asked me nor I'm affiliate but because I often search for reviews of various things or products my self so sharing this maybe it could be useful for somebody else. 

Do you have experience with Firmoo glasses too? How is it?

Wish you a super inspiring day!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Famous Combo Tee & Jeans (Thrifted Levi's Boy Jeans)

Casual jeans plus tee plus colors and smiley :).
Hi everyone! How are you? Did you have a nice Monday? How is your outfit today?

On this post I have same outfit as last time: The Famous Combo for a Lot of Us: Tee and Jeans. Only at this time I give a little closer look to my Levi's jeans. A little review of what I thrifted in Pfennig Bazaar Stuttgart, Germany (would be in October this year, you may want to google it if you happen to be in Suttgart and would like to go there). Kid size 14! As I am petit...I always dive in girl and even boy department when shopping :). This Levi's has a boyfriend look and kind of skater pants. Probably I look like a kid as well but it's very comfy that I can live in it for a very long time if not because of summer sweat and fleamarket dust and dirt that I finally have to change. Inside is something different on the waist line with  Levi's urban graphic design and it has adjustable waist band so I can make it tighter. The hem lines and some spots have been ripped and distressed that make even better look but I just let it naturally.

With this kind of wide leg oversized jeans (even it's kid size) I have to tuck my top in or probably wear a crop top because if don't do that somehow it doesn't look good. Besides, I still have to find out how to style it in a more mature look. I wish this jeans would be a little bit more like Jane Birkin style too. Hehehe. Any tips?

The graphic tee is from Zara Trf collection :). I admit it was a gift from my sis and I have worn that on my old fashion blog Naty Ponders. It's also very comfortable, the viscose fabric is cool, it falls nicely and I like the graphic that for me it looks like a melting sun!

Levi#s from left side, with hook.
Levi's from right side, with double side pockets
Jeans plus tee plus smiley
On my Levi's skater jeans: Urban graphic details along inner waist with adjustable waist band
Casual jeans plus tee
Casual jeans plus tee

Glass colorful bracelets. Remind me of my old school

My husband gave me these glass bracelets from his travel somewhere and some years back. They reminds me of bracelet that was pretty trend in 80s to 90s during my old school days. :)

My feet are still happy with LdiR moccs
Not to forget, still I wore my LdiR moccs.

Add cardigan for sun protection and light cold breeze
Selfie...with my fave Claire's sunglasses
Closer look
Crushed caramel cinnamon biscuit on coconut ice cream and raspberry sorbet.
In the cafe as usual. This time I crush caramel cinnamon biscuit -- which we got everytime we order hot drink (my husband ordered coffee) over my ice creams.

Orange socks on myLdiR moccasins
Zara TRF collection tee,
thrifted Levi's jeans,
 LdiR Moka Avorio moccasins slippers,
Levi's scarf
Glass bracelets
Cube bag,
C&A cardigan.
C&A ankle socks.

So are you also Tee and Jeans kind of outfit, maybe once in a while?

Have a super inspiring week everyone!

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