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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Selfies and Blogging Thought

Scroll this pic up and down and you would see it's like animation, like an optical illusion.

It has been a month since my last post. My photos of my last trip in Salzkammergut have not made their way to my photoshop. Instead, I show you these selfie experiment. :). Actually I did the photos just for testing my red lipstick. The first red lipstick I bought ever! Lol.

The original photos are crappy, taken with old Canon pocket camera. I'm glad the background are dark. However, I won't show you that, because i don't want you see our messy room (I don't mind my raw terrible skin and bad hair day). I like to apply matte color effect on the dark background I did similar to my other photos, See my past post here. I made it with playing around the exposure adjustment layer in Photoshop.

If you scroll the last photo up and down, you may see the faces become animation. Probably it will work that way better if I make the picture longer.

About the animated gif photo above, I made it with online gif maker gickr.com. Easy peasy. This is first time I make animated gif. :) There are a lot of online gif maker in the internet. This one is unfortunately only make maximum 450 px wide.

 About me lately.
  • I get terrible cough with nasty phlegm after seating in the cafe full of smoke. Three days in a row, three different cafes. Anyway, we tried different cafes and found the one with "buy two pay one" pizza during happy hour. :)
  • Won tickets to Natalie Dessay and Michel Legrand concert in Konzerthaus Vienna in Sunday night! Yaaayyy! I am not sure to go in this bad cough condition but we have decided to go. I try to figure out how to not cough during the show or it would be an awkward and annoying disaster!
  • My friend in high school uploaded old photo on facebook of us (friends of the same class), when we went to our English teacher to celebrate her birthday. Hahaha the glorious 90s. It made my day.

  • My husband and I are addicted to Manner wafers, Austrian snacks. Chocolate covered hazelnut waffers. It's hard to stop once we eat one! In SPAR supermarket it's now in discount price.
  • We attended Art and Antique exhibition in Hofburg, Vienna, Vienna Time (watches exhibition) and Design 2013 in MAK Vienna (free entry), Photo and Adventure in Messe Wien (Vienna), where we tried to win the GoPro camera, but we didn't win. Too bad! As information, there's Robot exhibition in Vienna till 8 December that I would like to see.
  • One more cafe we found in Haus der Musik, Vienna. It is a self service so basically it's just like public snack and coffee machine with seats around. It also has free wifi. The hot chocolate tasted even better than the usual one in another cafes.

About Blogging.

Yes. I didn't update for a month. I took blog break often. I reappeared and I said I'm back to blog, then soon after that I disappeared back to break. I don't know how to explain. I simply confuse. My enthusiasm is there, but I just don't make a move to make it happen. I did browsing though. I read and commented on some blogs, but I missed replying my own blog comments! They are not a lot, but incase one of them is you and you expect that I'd get back to you, I'm sorry. I am also more active in instagram (@chachamisu) because it's practical. Actually I've been pondering over this. It's in my thought now, what I would do with my blog. A flash from my brainstorming are:
  • About what I blog about. I've merged my fashion blog Naty Ponders into this one, in hope that I would be more productive. Turns out, when it should be more time and energy, it doesn't work like that. Solution, perhaps, I would back to multiple blogs, though one blog can content different things but I think now I know what suits to photoblog or other blog. Hmm...do I?
  • About the time and schedule. Solution, I think I would just let it how it is and not force my self. If I have something to post, than I post. If not, then I don't post. Could be twice a week, once a month, or still taking blog breaks often. I want to learn more about my own rhythm. Blogging is not the only thing I like to do, but I do enjoy it.

  • About writing. I think I loose my writing skill. Like...seriously. I didn't say my writing skill was good either, but I just feel that it's getting worse. In the past I could write a mini story along with my photo or poetry. Now...I have no idea. My language, grammar my verbal are a mess. English, German, Indonesian are all mixed in small amount of each! Maybe even Javanese too. Solution....I don't know yet, just keep learning. Should you notice typos, feel free to correct or give suggestion, I would be very thankful. :) I sometimes skip checking my grammar. I try to let my voice out naturally just like in casual everyday life chat.
Final words about this....I'll keep blogging even how confusing it could be. I'll keep learning and experimenting even my blog will as well reflect my confusement too! .Now I wonder if you're confuse reading this. I'll let you know if I have significant change about my blogging.

Happy Thanksgiving to you who celebrate and I wish all the wonderful and super inspring moments!

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  1. Having inspiration can sometimes prove to be difficult but not impossible, just about making an effort. Now I´m following you in GFC I hope your follow me back!

  2. @Sakuranko: Yes, I won't give up, just slower but keep going and learning along. Thank you so much :). I just visited your blog, keep the good work and have a nice day!

  3. Hi! I follow you on insta, so it's about time I visited your blog too! :) Love your photos!
    Hugs from Norway

  4. @Line Harbak: Ya, I remember! Thankyou very much, I very appreciate. I like your photos, you know. :) Time is sometimes like running away too fast. :)

  5. What wonderful photos, they're so much more interesting than usual selfies!

  6. these pictures are fun ;)) xo j. von Stereo|typically Me

  7. Glad to see you back - it's good to take a break now and then and hopefully come back inspired! I love your selfies.

  8. @Cee: Thank you so much, you always have sweet appreciation
    @Julie: Thank you :) I had fun making it
    @Londyn: Not yet fully back, just posted when I really had something to post but I am starting to rediscover clearer vision right now...Thank you so much for your feedback.


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