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Monday, October 28, 2013

Traveling Wels - Salzkamergut Austria Lately...Some Parts with Some Tips

Hi, everyone! I had been on traveling, road trip forth, back and around in Wels and Salzkamergut. We had internet with a speed of Sloth. You know, that animal that moves very slow, look so cute and harmless. Anyway, I have been keeping update on my instagram @Chachamisu, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook (which are linked to each other). I had to pass a lot of photos from few days before. May be I'll share them in the future if it's okay not to be always actual. :))

Have you had travel, road trip lately or a little walk perhaps? I love it in Indian Summer Autumn season. The colors are incredible but the weather is not yet so cold. It's my fave time of the year.

So here are my instagram photos from the start of my road trip especially for you who prefer to see them here on my blogspot blog with some tips along!

Start of the trip. It was after 7.30 n the morning and still dark.
On the road the full moon was at our front and the sun rise at our back at the same time!
In Wels we stayed at our fave youth hotel Jugendherberge Alter Schl8hof which full of graffiti/murals around it. It maybe the cheapest accomodation, clean and nice. It has dormitories,  double bed rooms, public kitchen and perfect location near the expo centre.
In Wels we attend Caravan Salon and chasing dream of a trip with mobile home like this. Lol. It's even better than our appartment.
In Wels there is also lovely animal garden (mini zoo) with black swans, running free peacocks etc. The best part is: it's free entry! High recommended also for family with kids.
From Wels, along the road to Gosau the autumn views were totally breathtaking. I shouln't fall asleep! Awesome autumn colors of the leaves and foliage covering the mountains, creek....hmmm I love autumn nature.
In Gosau we stayed at Alpen Hut that maybe also the cheapest accomodation especially if you become member of Alpenverein. The whole beautiful traditional style house for only us two (it can accomodate more people).
In Bad Ischl we visit Kaiservilla, that was the summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth of Austria. It is beautiful but not allowed to take pictures inside.
Saving holiday/travel tips: look around where there are brochures in supermarket, cafe, or information centre of your destination (and around) for discount and promo. We found in supermarket brochures of buy two pay one entry tickets for a lot of nature park, museum, boat tour and another tourism sites.

I wore a plaid coat dress from Mango, velvet legging and beret beanies from H&M. Boots belonged to my mother in law (RIP). The Indian Summer sunshine was so hot so it was too warm outfit :).

One complex area in Kaiservilla is also photo museum. In this time of the year where the dry autumn leaves were hanging down its iron vintage patio it looked like a beautiful yet mysterious ghostly palace.
Expect more photos in the future! I hope you like my quick post this time. Have a super inspiring day and pleasant trip if you're on the way.

Chacha :)


  1. Lovely photos! I especially love the shot with the ducks :)

  2. Gorgeous photo! It looks like a beautiful place


    Flourish Blog

  3. love the photo with the ducks! :*


  4. sounds like you've been having fun

  5. @Cee, Greta Gale, QueenLina: Thank you all, happy that you like them! It is indeed lovely place, and those ducks are cute in real!

    @kirstyb: yes, so true! Beautiful places and some disasters along, I was confuse how to share the whole story as a blog post:)Thank you.

    Have a great day all lovely of you!

  6. beautiful images! such intense colors.


  7. lovely photos and amazing landscapes! just posted something on the blog, come by or say hi to me!

    NEW ▶ Photography Tip: Calculating The Golden Hour?


  8. interesting and dreamy! :)
    i have an ongoing giveaway on my blog! hope you can join :D

  9. OMG! I have no words! This pics is absolutely stunning!

  10. Sorry I reply just now
    @Leticia: Thank you, I used filter in instagram but actually the colors in real have been already intense. Have a lovely day:)
    Rosaly, Rae, @we love fur, Jane, jelisaveta: Thank you and great day:)

  11. beautiful post!

    I will be very happy if you would enter on my new giveaway!

    thank you so much!

  12. Preciosa serie, me han encantado todas las fotografías!! La de la casona es espectacular!
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  13. @Cecilia White Thank you:)

    @Silvina Soave: Thank you so much, I am happy you love them. The house is indeed beautiful in real. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Hi Nataya.
    Thank you so much for your "hello" on my blog. I can see you have a creative eye and an eye for the details. So great feed of lovely photos. Have a beautiful day!

  15. @Monsterscircus, Hi Mette, thank so much to you for stopping by and for being great inspiration. I am amazed by your creativity. Have a wonderful day, looking forward to your new DIYs & designs. :)


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