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Friday, February 17, 2012

Roses, Heart and Vintages



11 days before my travel! I hope I could post one more time before I fly.

This is belated Valentine's Day post. Herr Marmot surprised me with a bucket of hybrid roses with a big red heart. I've never given roses before in my life (minus wedding) even i love them so much and had been tried and failed for many many times to grow them in my family's little mediteranean garden (really, very small). In any kind from bushes, big red one, one layer petal, white bourbon and whatever I could fine. 

In our living space now, I have one place at the window to display lovely things arrangement. It's kind of installation art to me. In Jogja, Indonesia, i had this "altar" on spice kitchen cabinet (that was used for studio storage). So after I remove my new year display, I placed my last thrifting hunt, souvenirs, and memoribilias on that spot.

I didn't recognized the meaning behind his weird smile cause i was so concentrated in other things, till just my eyes happened to point on this new member of my display. Aha! Danke schön!


Do you know I had launched a new blog! It's just an eclectic snippets of clothes related, and perhaps would be also some out source inspirations :). Yea, I like clothes. I have no idea why I couldn't wait till I'm back from my 3 months travel.


Let me know if you have suggestion.


Happy belated Valentine, spread the love everyday anyway...:) 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some Snowy Sights + Liebster Blog Award

Hi. 17 days left to fly back to my homeland....Mean while I have been so busy in the cold. Here some snowy sights of the town i live in.


Yellow buildings among the snow are like sun shine. Pastel yellow and pastel blue are cheerful but gentle best friends. I imagine baby room.

 This was first heavy, dry, powdery snow in this winter 2011-2012 here. So late. Temperature around -16 to -10. I wore two layers of glove. One is not enough! Since i couldn't take photo with my mittens on my hands, i had to take one off. I run inside few seconds later as my hand was hurt so bad.

The first snow in winter, days before, was actually more like ice and the next day it was gone.

So here they came, sugar icing....It was the view from my window.


Our little castle from far looks dreamy in a weather like this

Before they put salt all over along the road. We drove like skating on wheel on fresh white snow.


Poor lovely roses...

Mind you, I haven't been long enough lived in snowy Europe. Oh snow...

Wish you all a nice warm weekend!



Is that sweet? Just on the month of Valentine day, my dear blogger friend Cherrie from A Day with Me has given me a Liebster Blog (in German word) award with the big red heart on it! Thankyou so much Cherrie! I hope you could visit her blog too if you haven't yet.  It is fun to follow her day by day happening and enthusiasm as she writes well in easy to read, familiar way.

Yes, I read personal blogs. It's inspiring to see different ways of living and point of views, even just in "little" things. We build a history and survive trough a time with these "little" things. There is a huge science behind! And of course, it's up to each person to decide of what they can share.

Now, I pass this award (by alphabet) to:

Anh Nguyen of Anhesty
Seems her life full of fun events with pretty things

Catherine of Fest
She has a wardrobe challenge of not buying new clothes along 2012 and a great senses of travel sight.

Chairein of From My Beautiful Mind
One of daily happenings that I enjoy to read.

Donah of Mnemonic Reveries
I just discovered her blog and I enjoy her adventure in travel and style.

Ina of Bildergeschichte
She takes pictures of daily details around her.

Karo of Glorious Land
I have found a lot of inspirations here.

The rules:
1. Show thanks to the blogger who awarded you by linking back to their blog.
2. Pick five blogs with under 200 followers and let them know about your nomination.
3. Post the award on your blog.

Keep inspiring and be inspired

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