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Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Won Firmoo Sunglasses and They Won My Heart (with Review)

Early autumn look with Firmoo sunglasses

Smile...I won sunglasses
Closer look Firmoo sunglasses
Say cheese with Firmo sunglasses
Hi, I'm back, and it's October already!

Few weeks ago I won a pair of sunglasses from Firmoo. The giveaway was at Chocolate Sarcasm blog. These sunnies instantly won my heart as I've been wearing them almost everyday! Thanks Firmoo and Sianna!

Lately I had problem with my eyes. I can't read, work on my computer or watching something moving for long time. Oh, that's baaaaaad. I don't know what has happened. I also got sudden bad wrinkles (not the aging gracefully ones) and nasty syringomas (little benign papules like milias but from overgrowth of sweat duct). I got frustation! Though...I feel terrible complaining again and again about my series of unfortunate events in my blog, hehehe. Sorry sorry. Sei dank, my sight is better now.

Thus..anyway...won a pair of sunglasses is absolutely a good lucky thing!

I choose these #FS04 Brown Acetate with brown tint sunglasses from Firmoo Classic Series. Unfortunately the same model has been unavailable anymore. There are similar frames available and a lot more various styles you may want to check them out at Firmoo.

Wearing them for more than a week already, here is my review.

COMFORT. Yes! If not then they can be my fave right now. It's most important thing. I prefer acetate material right now cause it's more light and comfortable for me. I don't feel pressure on my temples. I have metal frame round sunglasses also from Firmoo that I like the look so much but as time goes by I rarely wear them cause the plastic or acetate ones are more comfy. See my old post here.

LOOK. Classic, look like Ray Ban Wayfarer, with clear brown slightly tortoise acetate frames, they are very easy to pair with various outfits. The lenses are not as big as I thought but I think they suit me ....haha what do you think?

FUNCTION. At first I wasn't sure they have UV filter cause on the site it was only mentioned tint and there were advance options with cost addition. I wrote to Firmoo and they answer my question and confirmed that the lenses have UV filter already. If you are still not sure you can bring them to your optician. Anyway, I have worn them under the sun and they're great in reducing glare.

One more function: the lenses can be a fun effect filter for photos! See photo below as teaser cause more about this would be in one of my future post! Note: I didn't edit this photo except resize and put a tiny watermark.

Using sunglasses lenses (brown tint) as photo filter
ADDITIONAL. I like that if you buy sunglasses at Firmoo they always come with hard case, soft shell pocket case, cleaner cloth, some screw spares and even a mini screw driver which also a key chain so they put my anxiety of my own carelessness a little at ease. (Gee...I copy paste few words from my past Firmoo review :)).

Firmoo sunglasses classic series package

SERVICE. I think Firmoo has a good service. Pretty fast delivery (sorry I am lazy doing the math for more details right now), updating process and order status on your account, replying my questions on facebook and e-mail. They also have online feature to try the glasses virtually, community, examples on users, and there are a lot of reviews about on the internet.

More to say...again, I wrote this review not because they asked me nor I'm affiliate but because I often search for reviews of various things or products my self so sharing this maybe it could be useful for somebody else. 

Do you have experience with Firmoo glasses too? How is it?

Wish you a super inspiring day!



  1. you know how to do it!

  2. I like Firmoo. Sunglasses you've chosen are very nice and your review is very useful. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know. xoxo

    Giveaway on http://myurbanmarket.blogspot.it

  3. @Milex...try my best! :) Thank you
    @Valeria Thank you Valeria, it means a lot to me what you said!

  4. u look amazing ! :D

    maybe u want to follow each other?
    just let me know :D

  5. Cute pictures ;)


  6. Love your sunnies, they fit perfectly to your face shape. :)

    Keep in touch,

  7. I really love your sunglasses, they're beautiful! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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