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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Casa Cantoniera was Red, Shabby and Snowy

We passed the pine woods scene, sporty people that were cross-country skiing, and my eyes was attracted to the blood red, shabby and snowy little house. I had couldn't read what was written on the board except of "Casa Cantoniera". Oh how i love when it was in snowy winter like that. It had the perfect color scheme! The red reminds me of Swedish red wooden house, which i adore. It was so rich with pretty details and textures that i was instantly inspired. Oh did you see a tiny bell on the door?
I supposed to think that this house was abandoned, which I think some faded and broken pieces add soulful touch to its appearance. But as I noticed a pile of firewood which looked newly stocked up, maybe there was some human life going on inside.

What is your favorite color for being bold and beautiful on a snowy day?

PS: Thank you all readers and new readers. Let's keep inspiring each other. 
Wish you all a super lovely weekend! :)


  1. Hello nataya!:)
    really beautiful photos. makes me want to join in!

  2. Hi thanks for your comment. I hope you continue to follow me.
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  3. Hi Nataya,
    Oh my goodness, I was blown away by these photos they are just amazing! i adore the one of the front door, with the little 5 next to it!
    Clare x

  4. @Marisa: Thankyou so much, i really wish you joined in:)
    @Clare: So sweet, thankyou so much. I love how this house is so rich with details. I'm glad you saw them too.
    And I adore your graphics!

  5. Anonymous26/1/12 07:14

    Looks like a house you'll find in Godric's Hollow :D Nice shots Nataya! And yeah, I'm one of those fans who go gaga over Harry Potter books... :D

    On another note, here's my e-mail: cherry_antigua@hotmail.com I tried to send an ecard of one of your photos in your post "sewing day out" but it failed. :(

  6. Hehehe, thanks Cherry. I would love to have tea time there, in Godric's hollow and Hogwarts..what do you think?
    Ok, i've sent one, let me know if it's successful. Feel free to download and send it to everyone you like:) xo

  7. cute!!!


  8. These are such nice photos. The location looks so cute, I want to go there toooo! xx


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