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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Paisley, Green, Pastel and Cafe

Hi everyone. It's day of ordinary day including spending morning in a cafe for breakfast and getting internet connection at the same time.
 I had Chococino with a lot of bubbles and heart on it.

 My fave vintage leather mittens. They are one of my most useful purchase for surviving my little poor hands in a cold winter.

 Totally awkward sleepy head. No body in the room yet beside us.

 The full outfit consists of the same coat almost every day, mix and match of same few pieces every day.
This time I combined pastel purple cord pants and green wool sweater. Some other pieces as below on item list.

 The same ugly creeper boots i've been wearing also almost every day, no worry about salty road but were too hot inside heated room.

 I tried to figure out which one better for my figure, weather tucked my tops in or let them out. I had kind of short torso but I've never been sure. More without sweater below.

 What do you think? Tucked in or not?

 In the car I tried to put on a mustache on my face from street light reflection. Life can't be so boring with some little silly things. :)

I wear: 
Pink paisley top: Etro
Cord pastel purple pants: Benetton
Green wool sweater: Benetton
Coat: C&A

Have a super inspiring day everyone!


  1. Great photos again! And the last one is so funny:D

  2. Thank you Marianne, a silly little thing I'm happy it's funny for you:)


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