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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Color Theme: Creamy Beige

Once upon a time...

We went to Tulln and I saw this creamy bike when I sat on a wooden bench.

 In Schönbrunn palace Vienna, I found a creamy guard post left empty.

Then still in Vienna, I met ...I don't know, looked like Zeus? Amazing sculpture that I saw them emotionally alive.

Once I couldn't sleep and nervous so I took a walk trough an alley in the night and spotted creamy grass.

Back in Tulln I love this corner where a creamy building looked like a little piece of a castle.

Many kilometers away we had a road trip and passed trough below a creamy bridge.

That's our color exploration today post, now I want to eat a crunchy creamy Austrian wafer Männer and aspire creamy vintage dress of Audrey Hepburn. Crunch...crunch...wish you have a super inspiring day!

Warm hugs,


  1. wow such beautiful photos

  2. Wow, this really makes me want to visit Vienna. Even though I'm in Australia I have seen a fair bit of Europe having lived in Ireland, but missed out on that destination. Wow, your photography is beautiful, I just love the hues and the light :D


    1. Australia and Austria sound similar, some people mix them up in my homeland (Indonesia) :). I've never been in Australia nor Ireland, oh I wish someday...and I wish you could come here soon! I am happy you like my photos, it such made my day. Thank you so much, Meg:).

  3. that creamy bike is so dreamy! I want oneee

    1. Me too, i am sure it would motivate me to go biking more often, plus bakery and flowers:). I hope you get one! Thanks, Carolina.

  4. Great! Love the photos.


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