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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Old House Wooden Balcony - Photo and Poet

 I heart old house, maybe because i grew up in a beautiful oldhouses. A javanese and a dutch mixed with mediterranean style, in a "kampung" that full of oldhouses! But this one is Austrian. Not much different with my neighbour's, except of the insulation.

On the old balcony, an old lady has afternoon treat
A delf blue tea set on the red check table cover
A thousand pages of roman to read
A jam jar filled with a bucket of wild flowers
Earl grey tea, honey, macarons, cupcakes and other sweets
On the old balcony, an old lady enjoy the sunny hot summer!

~ Nataya Anindira

Wish you all have a nice summer treat :)


  1. Old houses are the most beautiful, they have there charms! =)

    ps: join our giveaway

  2. thankyou, TheMadTwins, absolutely, thats the words: charm, and soulful. And i have joined your beautiful giveaway:)


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