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Friday, September 2, 2011

Trough Little Woods - Blue-White Flowers Dress

From a caffe i walked home trough our town's little woods. When there was no people i stole time to push self-timer on....cheeee:)

Come from tropical country, originally i don't like to wear piles of layers. In this summer season it is my chance to wear just a light dress  (blue-white flowers pattern) and sandals as i was a child. But there were creepy bugs and fungus in the woods. I have unhappy relation with them. And i came home with itchy red tiny bumps. Geee:)

Perhaps, my pic will be shown as a native creature like the last picture above!

Note: dress from old collection of Orsay.


  1. thank you for your comment! what a lovely pictures you have here!

  2. Lovely, Etta, thankyou:)

  3. Anonymous11/9/11 06:42

    Hm ,.. nice post ,... if you have some time you can look mine too

  4. caca, itu vw kodok putihnya mirip punya pak fajar kan ? hehehe


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