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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, Hope We Find Our Light !

This is my first new year in this blog. And instead of fireworks photos like in my old blog here, i show you some photos of silhouette and light. Hope you can catch the meaning behind these theme. I was so thoughtful in the last days about my life. This year was a huge change  for me. Same as it was after i lost my dad in 3th of January 2003.
 I want to lie down in the gloomy dark room, feel all the presence and existing life trace around me. And then i will see light like a jolly hope. You know, like the famous "there is a light at the end of the tunnel". 
I remember my dream long ago, that i was drown in the sea, and trough this strange bizarre surrounding i saw light coming lighter and lighter above. Have you had also this kind of dream?

What is your big plan these 2012? Do you believe in the 2012 catastrophe?  I...I have plan to make a personal style blog :). Oh yes despite i really do it or not, that what has been included badly in my musing beside about life.. Then what important too is my trip to my beloved homeland! About this place, i have add FAQ page for more info. I invite you to visit this page and ask question if you have. Even perhaps just to correct my English.



  1. Happy New Year, your photos look so good. I am looking forward to see your new blog. About my grandmas sewing machine, at the moment it is still only a thought. I won't be getting it hopefully for a very long time I think it should be with the owner (My Grandma) until the end. x

  2. Happy new year! Find the light!!!

    guys follow each other

  3. I love your photos... <3 xoxo from Italy

  4. Anonymous4/1/12 11:20

    Happy new year girl! I celebrated my first new year on my blog too. Sorry about your dad. I'm sure you miss him badly. I just hope we'll have a true happy 2012. :)


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