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Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Father The Painter

Fadjar Sidik, Indonesian artist, fine art artist, painter
Fadjar Sidik. Photos by unknown.

I usually don't expose the people in my personal life (except blur or cropped pic of my husband) on the blog but today I want to introduce website and facebook page of my father: Fadjar Sidik. He was a fine art artist, a painter.

My father passed away at January 18 8.10 PM 10 years ago. He took his last breath in my mother's arm and my witness. Years passed but to this day I am still struggle with the grief, almost secretly. It gives a feeling of irony every new year. He was my best friend and inspiration. His contagious enthusiasm and the motivating effect are remarkable. He was always enthusiastic in things I was interested in and whatever I told him just almost about anything. I mean...no one else would watch runway show on TV with that early teen of me and talked about minimalism in the 90s except him. That is my father I know as a father but what about as an artist?

At the other part of the globe in my homeland, Indonesia, my eldest sister Amreta has been going trough a very special and personal journey collecting memory of our father and his life as an artist while at the same time it was a journey rediscovering her self. As a part of this journey, she has traveled to Bali few times in the past months (a place which has significant meaning in our father's art), digging trough hundreds or maybe thousands of photos, clippings, sketches, doodles in our home in Yogyakarta. Furthermore she creates a website (officially launched this 18th January) and facebook page dedicated to memory of our Fathers, his life in art and her journey. I invite you to check them out:


My sister has personal blog and she creates whimsical, pretty graphics too:

Your visit would be very much appreciated. I hope and believe that this project, the story behind it would inspire others as our father has been inspiration to us, his daughters. I would like to thank my beloved sisters, my mother, all my family and everyone who have contributed support, information and appreciation. Thank you very much :).


  1. You probably miss him so much Nataya. Now I know where you got your creativeness.

  2. @Cherry Antigua I do Cherry,a way too much. Thank you very much. I hope I could use my creativity for the better. Have a wonderful new year, Cherry. You are too creative and have that motivation.


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