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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Green Windows and Door

Somehow, green in the mood like this reminds me of movie Great Expectation. I love that movie. And i love what i have found here in my snapping walk. I found it casual, or shabby, or country, vintage as well, homy and even romantic.

On 21 September, it was officially Autumn. So enjoy autumn everyone! In the place i live, it is still green and hot, and cold in the night till early morning. Make me sick oftenly. But i can't wait to find a perfect coat, a perfect leather boot, and a perfect wrap, that match the colors of falling leaves and warm spices.

I am busy learning German now, i will have my exam on 8 Oktober. So wish me luck!


  1. kayak di kauman jaman dulu ndil =D

  2. Thankyou, everyone. it is very motivated:) @amreta: oyaaa, itu yg saya suka, sayang ya d kauman sudah bnyak yg 'dimodernkan'. i miss our old home


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