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Monday, October 3, 2011

Break News + Pic of Me and Windmills

Here in Austria in the area i live and around, the weather just like summer, more summer than summer season, but dramatically drop down freezing in the night even not icy :).

By the way, i have to tell you that i'm taking a blogging break till I finish my German exam on 7 October.

I find Deutsch is difficult since it is like turning upside down my mother tounge. Even now, i've messed my English already! It needs huge space of my poor brain memory. Vocabularies and genders.... But basically, I like learning language. Plus, i like that the location of the course is just in the shopping centre area, in a beautiful Art Nouveau building. Is that matters :). Ya, ya,  i wished I had been more serious when i learned Deutsch in highschool.

I have extrem  nervousness everytime i have exam or interview ( you won't believe my experiences were total situation comics! ). So if you have tips or experience dealing with same problem, you may drop me comment or email, i will be really thankyou.

Wish me luck,everyone. And I wish you all also big big luck too this week. See you in my new post!

P.S. : Before i go, i give you big smiley breeze for lucky week! 


Your comments color me, thankyou!

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