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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Braided and Curl


My friend braided my hair and i wanted to keep it this way my for few days. Unfortunately I couldn't maintain it even for just one more day. I slept with headache. So i opened it and i got this curls as a result. So i worked on this captures, i applied my new Photoshop recipe i made last night to create a ghost pale and matte look of my face!
Wish you all a nice hair day everyone :)


  1. The bushy curls remind me of Hermione's... The braids looked good on you by the way... :)

    xo Cherry

  2. I like the first one, so cute. I can't believe you use Photoshop. My husband and I think your lighting technique is really good & Thank you I get that a lot when I wore dresses. Must be because I am petite. I use to worry about looking too young but well you only getting older not younger right! By the way I use Cannon 450D with my 50MM f/1.4 lenses...love it ♥

  3. lovely hairstyle.xx


  4. Thank you sweetheart :) :) :)


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