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Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Yellows

I like old building. Yellow and washed by sunlight. Specially with geometrical frame around its windows..


Another yellow wall in foggy icy cold morning...its window covered with branches.

Love the textures of ice on the falling leaves. Like sugar powder on cake. No?

It's not snowing yet in town i live. It has been around two weeks late if i compare it to last year. On the other side of the globe at my warm homeland Indonesia, there was Total Lunar Eclipse that occurred on 10 December 2011. I wished i was there.

I don't feel so good today so i will entertain my self with watching singing competition on TV:) My husband baked a cake (which for me it was bread) for the first time with our microwave. It was burned to black but tasted delicious. Congratulation! So bye bye now and wish you all feeling super great!


  1. Lovely photos! :)
    i follow youuu kisses!

  2. love it!


  3. Wow wow wow photos. You use film camera? By the way your name sound Thai, are you? Follow x

  4. Interesting photos! i like most


  5. beautiful! outstanding tones...


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