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Monday, June 10, 2013

Self Portrait: Me in Corduroy and Memories

Some self portraits wearing alternative mix match styling from previous post. Just put over blazer instead of cardigan. I really wore it out, i just took photos inside the house for no particular reason.

Some Memories of Me and Corduroy

Talk about corduroy, which this blazer jacket is made of, I had a photo as a little girl in the 80s wearing cord pants with a cute embroidered logo on the corner of the pocket (I don't have the photo here unfortunately). I wore it with brown and white knit sleeveless top.

When I was in junior to high school, my mom bought a pile of cord high waist baggy pants from secondhand market in Jakarta. Some of them had patterns. 80s 90s prints. They normally imported from China or Japan.

In high school, my best friend bought a dark blue cord blazer, more like a cardigan with no button and the sleeves slightly flared. I liked it and she let me wore it for few days over my grey white uniform. Nowadays i need cord cause it's warm to wear it during cold season. I can't imagine wearing cord in my tropical country anymore, too hot. Last time I couldn't even stay long in jeans!

After I've moved to Austria, I bought my first 2 cord pants in a shop in Innsbruck. A boy look one, kid size. Purple and dark green. 5 Euros each. They even came with little whistles!

When I visited a Sunday fleamarket I bought two more pairs of pants. One is H&M in brown, the other is Benetton in pastel purple-pink, but they are both similar. High waist, boot cut, but no pockets! I didn't realize that it had no pockets, pockets are important features for me. Luckily it fits me. I didn't have a chance to try. U can see this pants in previous outfit few months ago.

I started feeling bored with the potential bulky look of this corduroy fabric, but then I found this blazer inn Pfennig Basaar in Stuttgart. It's a flea market/charity  by American community living in Stuttgart. I throw this Here + There by C&A cord blazer in the box paper bag instead of a Jil Sander pants (less luck, the Jil Sander pants didn't fit, and I wasn't about to sell)! Yes, 5 Euros for a full bag of whatever you can fill in till it's full.

So why this blazer? Because I wanted blazer and it's hard to find one that fits my body curve or torso. Size 152, kid size. But it doesn't look girly, does it? I just turned 32 last April! When I washed it was bleeding like crazy! But I'll manage to lock the color by vinegar soak next time. So far I've worn it couple times without bleeding sign. I like the washed out look anyway.

So that's it! Me and Corduroy. :)

PS: I wore that 4 numbers bigger size of drawstring pants. They look baggy on the front but fall well on the back when I just pull the string out and knot otherwise drop down on the floor. I am okay with that effort. Pull, sit on the hip, knot and freely move...!

Shoes Asics
Backpack Kipling
Here+There by C&A Cord blazer thrifted in Pfennig Basaar Stuttgart

Unbranded old Drawstring pants
Stripes tank
Thrifted loop wool hat
Boho floral scarf bought in a shop in Innsbruck

Have super inspiring week!

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