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Monday, June 17, 2013

Strolling Around Vienna

Strolling around Vienna...

We started with visiting Naschmarkt where there is flea market every Saturday.
The area is full with beautiful old buildings. I spotted this vintage hexagon balcony. Isn't it gorgeous?

Parking space was totally full.

photo by Mike
Then it was raining. Do you know which one is me peeking secondhands under that large plastic wrap? This one sold mostly Monki.

The rain was so annoying so we run across to cafe Savoy. It has wonderful classic interior and crowded but cozy atmosphere seen in my previous post here. I ordered hot chocolate with cream which was usually served in a pretty white cup with black Mozart cameo silhouette on it. I looked trough window several time checking out the weather.

I'm thrifting photo by Mike
When the sun finally smiled again we went back to flea market. I browsed trough a huge pile of 80s 90s clothes while my husband Mike was hunting for shots (the people there were amazing, all kind of interesting street styles and unique characters).

I'm trying on Miu Miu kitten heels. Photo by Mike
My thrift-gret of this year! A Miu Miu kitten heels. I thought too long to buy it or not and ended up by putting them back. The seller said: "It's your fault!". I know.... Beside that it was actually half size number smaller, I was just so much considering my arthritis feet that I only wanted to buy flat shoes in which I can put my orthopedic custom insoles. Now that my feet are good enough to a short walk in kitten heels, I want those shoes!
After saw this photo my husband said the shoes don't look that awesome but i still like them according to what I've recorded in my mind.

What is your biggest thrift regret?

It had been a long summer day time. I didn't realized that the flea market was almost over before the sun went down. Some of the sellers had left the place (the Miu Miu shoes seller had been gone earlier). Some of them brought home their stuffs but tons of things just left over dirty and wet. People insanely picked them up before they would be scooped and thrown in garbage truck. (I too picked up a bag! Such a hoarding, help!).

Anyway, I bought one thing that I know i would need it during summer: straw hat! 1 Euro.

Me as tourist. Photo by Mike.
We walk trough the next market where we bought Falafels with Melanzani dip. Nyumm.... Sorry I have no photo of Falafels but below is a photo of me eating them. Falafel is Middle East food, a fried ball made from chickpeas, beans and spices. 20 balls of falafels around 2 Euros, that was the cheapest price we got.

How do I look? It reminds me of some tourists in my country.

We continued to stroll around discovering more and more vintage building, statues and ornaments. I would like to take photos of them without modern sticks and traffic signs though.

And archs! I love walking trough archs.

All kind of bikes from Harley, Vespa (with Italian flag on the front of it), big bikes, small bikes and even the cute Twizi, the little two seats car.

I also love the oxidized copper roof. The color turned green. It became more antique and charming.

Vienna has a lot of yellow walls that glow under the sun. I like that I capture the yellow color with red stripes next to it.

In the evening the sunlight washed the city. It made such dramatic views. It was wonderful time and city to stroll around indeed. We had more round before my poor feet started to feel sore but I keep them for some times later. Hope it's okay. :) 

Have a super inspiring week!
xo, Chacha

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