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Monday, June 24, 2013

Stripes Weekend

Helloooo.....! How's your weekend?

I actually have taken pretty amount of photos cause I have managed to take few shots while strolling around or just went out few meters in front of our flat. I don't know which one anymore I should start to post on my blog with. I think I would just skip the rest of Vienna photos and some spring photos full of flowers! Mind you, perhaps I could post them next year! I want to run a bit faster to catch up the up to date blog post. However...I don't want to skip this one. Hehehehe. 

On the weekend we wandered around trough the woods up to a castle on the hills. Around the castle I smell fragrance of Holunder/Elder flowers which used to be made as syrup especially in the mountain hut. There were also some berries and blackberries. The plants climb high up big trees and I wasn't sure if I could make to pick them.

Do you see my bone enamel dog brooch?

Yea...some selfies

more selfie....:)
Another things to do in the weekend is hunting for dinner in Feuerwehrfest. It is a little fest by Fire Fighter, they sell food and drink, there was a cafe corner, bar corner, kids playground, music concert and sometimes also tombola. Feuerwehrfest is held in the weekend in by some villages. This time we bought half chicken and french fries cost around 6,50 Euros. On the photos I show you the other uses of french fries.  You can use them as a fake mustache or eye brows! 

That day I wore a stripes dress I bought in Mango. Even though it's not similar kind of dress but it slightly reminds me of Margot Tenenbaum. Perhaps Margot Tenenbaum polo shirt style dress meets safari look? The dress I have has long sleeves and it was actually over size but successfully shrinking in the laundry! Yippie! It was not too warm and still I wore tight and brought trench coat. It's nice to cover leg with tight cause I hate bugs bite and scratchy bushes in the woods. The colors remind me of tiramisu, my fave desert the last part of this blog name inspired from!

I wore:
Stripes dress in wool blend, belt included: Mango, old collection

Trench coat / parka thrifted label Zooc
Opaque brown tight: NKD
Backpack: Kipling, old
Boots: fleamarket
Hat: Billabong, old

That was our simple weekend activities which I enjoy during spring-summer. There are still a lot of chances ahead to do the same things and I feel I wouldn't be bored yet that way. How about you? Do you enjoy simple things just near your house in the weekend or you have to get away and get some adrenalin challenges?

Wish you a super inspiring week!


  1. Such a cute look - your striped dress is such a pretty style!

  2. I looove the cute photos and your dress. I enjoy the simple things and the adrenalin challenges!!! Tiramisu is one of my favorties too. Have you ever tried a Tirmisu cake. So yummy <3



  3. Super cute dress hun!

    xo Jennifer


  4. love the dress!!


  5. @Cee,Jennifer, Eimear thank you lovelies :)
    @Mira: Thank you; Mira. I do too. Tiramisu cake? YES, please...nom nom! :)

  6. awesome pic ka wanna spend my summer there :D

  7. oh i just love your dress, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work :)

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  8. @shella marselina: Thank you, hope come true very soon:)
    @Andrea Antoniou: Thank you, Andrea, I just entered the giveaway :) X

  9. what a beautiful place :D i'd love to go there someday ^^ i like the way you took the photos too

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  10. Cute outfit! Really nice pictures.
    I'm your new follower :)
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    Blue Roses

  11. I love your stripe dress! ;)

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  12. You're adorable, and that dress is great! x


  13. @Lucie, Inge, Blythe, Sausan, Ania and Klaudia, Melissa: Thank you so much for lovely comments and following! Have wonderful week :)

  14. Great post! I'm your new follower! I hope you could follow me too and see you in my blog sometimes. Thanks! :)

    bashishang.blogspot.com <3

  15. @ Essa The Fashion Awkward: Yayy!! Thank you so much! XX


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