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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Color theme: 8 Things in Pastel Yellow

Hi. Do you like butter milk and banana smoothie colors? I have another pastel yellow inspirations for you from architecture, old timer car etc. This colors come beautifully together with purple, pink, yellow and white. They could be sweet, yummy, elegant, romantic, classic, even masculine. Take a look!

Painted wall and windows. (Austria)

Impala old timer. Handsome and elegant. (Austria)

Romantic and Feminine Roses. (Austria)

Road mirror. Not only in red, and the yellow has perhaps faded become pastel yellow. (Austria)

Baby girl looks so cute and sweet in this color.(Tulln, Austria)

Classic facade. (Vienna, Austria)

Art Deco or Art Neuveau, not sure, with dark green on the roof line. (Austria)

Bakery car! This color is matched with bakery, sweets, ice cream...I just totally love it. I would like to have one as a mobile home. (Jogja, Indonesia)

I hope you are inspired.
Sweet week for all of you!


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  1. wow those photos are great and amazing! you're my guru now! <3 you have such an inspiring blog, would be taking my breath away if we can follow each other! ^^

  2. gorgeous!!


  3. @Nava, Jenna: Thankyou!

  4. @Nava, Jenna: Thankyou!

  5. these pictures look amazing - LIKE!
    x the cookies

  6. These photos are amazing! There is something very dream like about them.

  7. @samecookiesdifferent, @Amanda: Thankyou, glad you like them. I visited your blogs!

  8. These are lovely! I followed you on GFC and Bloglovin! :) Hope you follow on both as well! Kisses xx :)


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