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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Color theme: Free Time Blues

Free time in blue....when we just can spend it not too far away..

Cleaning and organizing. Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Relax in the yard. Austria.

Ice cream on a blue glass. Austria

Taking care of bird. Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Pool in the free ground. Austria

walking along the lane of blue wildflowers wearing blue outfit. Austria

Stepping on the water fountain with blue crocs. Tulln, Austria.

Taking picture of ourselves. Austria

I am feeling blue today. I claimed quite often that I don't like color blue. It makes me blues, helplessly depressed. Strangely I have a lot of blue belongings though. One blue sky day not so long ago I thought I look good in blue and I give it a chance.

Wish you wonderful days wherever you are!

Xo, Chacha

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  1. Love your photos! Talent! xx



  2. Anonymous14/8/12 11:32

    I love these photos, they're gorgeous. And i Love the theme. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing girl :)

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and follow, i really appreciate it:)
    You have a pretty blog as well so i'm following you now!


  4. Beautiful photos and lovely blog!
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  5. love those photographs ! esp the one in the yard :D

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    Journal J

  6. nice pictures :)

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  7. Thankyou everyone, it means alot! I visit you back:)


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